CHI is a leading nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults living with Congenital Hyperinsulinism (HI).

CHI provides a world of information, resources, and support to the HI community.  CHI advocates on behalf of patients for better treatments and access to care.  CHI is dedicated to increasing awareness of the disorder as it leads to more timely diagnosis and the best outcomes for patients.  CHI supports medical research for improved therapies, potential cures, and timely diagnosis.  CHI works globally because we are stronger as an international community.  Cooperation across borders fosters important advances in medicine.

HI is a life-threatening disorder that causes dangerously low blood sugar levels.   Prolonged or severe low blood sugar can cause seizures, brain damage, and even death. We hope you will partner with us to prevent damage and death, search for better treatments, and improve the quality of life for all HI patients.


CHI was founded in  May, 2005, by concerned parents of children with HI who had met in the early years of the social media revolution through a Yahoo! Groups community (the “hyperins” message board), launched in May, 1999.  CHI founders wanted to make sure there was an organization that could advocate on behalf of each child brought in to the world with the disorder, irrespective of where the child was born and the family’s resources.  CHI founders wanted to create opportunities for HI families to come together and learn from leading world experts and each other.  CHI founders wanted to help support research so that children born with HI in the future would never die or suffer from brain damage.  CHI founders wanted to make sure that when a baby presents with the disorder, medical personnel would quickly make a correct diagnosis so that the baby does not suffer from needless brain damage.  CHI founders understood that to be successful, parents would have to work side by side with medical specialists to reach these goals, and so they formed the CHI Scientific Advisory Group (SAG).  The SAG is comprised of the leading world specialists treating and researching HI.  CHI founders believe that all HI families around the globe are part of the CHI Family.