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HI Global Registry 2021 Annual Report Now Available

HIGR 3rd Report 2021

The HI Global Registry 2021 Annual Report provides insight into the HI experience as reported by participants of the HI Global Registry (HIGR). HIGR is the first global patient-powered congenital hyperinsulinism patient registry and consists of a series of thirteen surveys made up of questions related to a patient’s HI experience over their lifetime. The analysis and descriptive statistics shared in the report are based on the responses that participants provided from HIGR’s launch in October 2018 through September 2021. This includes individuals living in 46 countries and participants ranging from just a few weeks of age to 60 years old.

The report builds on the previous annual reports released in 2020 and 2019. Additional participation allows for deeper insight into the HI experience, which in time will help provide key data for better diagnostics, HI management, and treatments. We encourage all HI families to join the HI Registry to share your own experience to help provide a more robust and accurate picture of HI.

If you have any questions about the report or HIGR please contact:

If you would like to learn more about the original 1st study, please click here to read the full Press Release and view the 1st Study.

About the HI Global Registry

HI Global Registry

Congenital Hyperinsulinism International (CHI) has developed a patient-reported registry called the HI Global Registry with its partners to improve the understanding of HI, and advance research for better treatments and patient care. The registry consists of a series of online surveys that asks the participant questions about the patient’s experience with the disorder over his or her lifetime. The data is stored on a secure cloud-based platform and made anonymous by removing any personal details that can identify the patient. This information is then combined with patient data from around the world to produce research reports that can be studied by disease experts and researchers. The HI Global Registry is open for registration nowclick here to visit the registry website.

Patients and their legally authorized representatives are able to participate in the HI Global Registry by registering online and consenting to participate in the study. After consenting, participants are directed to take surveys where they will enter their information, which can then be viewed in visual graphs that integrate data from other patients. When registering, they can also select in the contact preferences section to learn more about clinical trials, and be notified by CHI when they meet eligibility criteria for a study. Participants are able to join the registry from anywhere in the world, and they are able to choose to withdraw at any time.

The project is sponsored by Congenital Hyperinsulinism International and governed by a group of internationally recognized HI patient advocates and experts, known as the HI Global Registry Steering Committee.

The HI Global Registry is hosted on the IAMRARE™ Platform which was developed and is owned by the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD). The IAMRARE™ Platform was created with input from patient, caregiver, and government stakeholders to ensure a safe and user friendly system for study participation.

Together, we will CONNECT THE DOTS to find better treatments and cures for HI.

HI Registry Participation 6-1-22

A. What is the HI Global Registry (HIGR) Participation Graph?

The HIGR graph is a visual summary of the main registry activities that lead to data collection and analysis to achieve the objectives of the study. There are four main stages of activity:

  1. Registered – when respondents create an online account to participate in the HIGR
  2. Consented to participate – when respondents accept the terms and conditions of participating in the HIGR
  3. Surveys started – when respondents complete a portion of the 13 surveys that are relevant to the participant and submit them as final responses.
  4. All surveys completed – when respondents complete all surveys that are relevant to the participant (patient) and submit them as final responses.

B. What is the relationship between the various stages?

  • In order to obtain the necessary data to conduct research that will advance HI knowledge, treatments, and standards of patient care all registry activity stages must be completed.
  • A participant’s (patient’s) data can only be integrated with other participants’ data to contribute to the research when their responses are final and surveys are submitted as final.
  • Once surveys are submitted as final the data will be de-identified and added to the database, which will increase statistical power for research analysis.
  • Research analysis will produce reports and findings to achieve the objectives of the study and share with the patient community and researchers.

C. What is our “target” and its importance?

The target is how many registry participants the study is aiming to recruit to survey the patient population and obtain final submitted data to have the statistical power to achieve HIGR objectives.

D. How can the audience engage with the HIGR Participation graph and support retention of study participation?

HIGR respondents and parties interested in the Registry can engage with the graph by being aware of the level of activity for all stages of participation. In addition, to supporting participation by registering with the study and contributing data, individuals can see the required activity to ensure the study is successful and advance knowledge and research.

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