CHIbra Scientific Posters

CHIBra Scientific Posters capture your or your child’s HI journey and experience in your own words. Topics covered include blood sugar trends, diagnosis, genetics, treatment, and more. CHI staff may edit what you submit for grammar and clarity. You will need to upload 4 – 5 photos for the poster. Posters can be of anything you want to show about your life or your child’s life, including headshots, activities, hobbies, or group photos. If you’ve submitted a poster before, we encourage you to submit an updated version.

Submit your CHIbra Scientific Poster information and photos here. You will need a Submittable account* to participate.

*If you don’t have a Submittable account, you can create a free account by clicking the “create your account” button at the bottom of the page and entering your email, name, and a password.

The deadline to submit is April 6, 2023. Email with any questions.

Example of a poster:

example of a CHIbra poster