HI-Stories: Melany’s Story

melany's history of congential hyperinsulinism This is Melany, born in Mexico, February 16th, 2010. She was hospitalized on the second day following her birth without knowing exactly what her problem was. Doctors only said that she had low blood sugars, in the twenties, and convulsions. It was only when she was 1 month old that her diagnosis was established as being congenital HI, a rare disorder. She underwent three pancreatectomies, the last being subtotal with escalating complications: septic shock not picked up on time and deteriorating into meningoencephalitis, cerebral abscess, and cerebral infarctus. Hypoglycemias persisted during several years despite octreotide injections every 6 hours. Secondary to her meningitis, she was diagnosed with West syndrome. Her blood sugars have been better, with her HbAc1 within the normal range but post pandrial BSLs being a bit high. She has developmental and intellectual delays. Thanks to God, although her health is fragile, she is a happy girl.